Luxio Tinted Build FAWN
Luxio Tinted Build FAWN
Luxio Tinted Build FAWN
Luxio Tinted Build FAWN

Luxio Tinted Build FAWN

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Use Luxio Tinted Build and skip the polish step, or enhance a translucent manicure while adding strength and structure.


DEVOTE- A delicate and subtle shade of translucent pink, for when you desire a soft and gentle tone that is not overpowering and dreamlike in nature.

FAWN- a tan or beige tone,  with a slight hint of pink when you wish for a soft and subtle color to add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any design or palette.

PORCELAIN- a milky, marshmallow-esque, delicate shade of white, with a translucent and almost ethereal quality, when you are seeking a refined and understated color to create a timeless and classic look.

Create Strength & Beauty with Luxio Build.

LUXIO BUILD is a builder gel designed specifically for creating beautiful overlays, fix corner breaks, and achieve picture perfect shape.  The gel polish bottle format allows for quick and easy application.

Luxio Build is a Luxio specialty coat intended to give strength and beauty to natural nail overlays.

This brush on gel in a polish bottle provides easy application for flawless results.

Designed to create perfect shape add strength to thin natural nails and achieve a beautiful line of light.

Now you can create a beautiful arch fill in ridges and gaps fix corner breaks and achieve picture-perfect shape with one product.

Create beautiful nail overlays by using Luxio Build after Luxio Base then apply your favorite Luxio Colour.

Not intended for nail extensions or to use as a substitute for sculpting nail extensions.



X-Bond (thinnest base/bonding gel in polish bottle) A universally compatible Bonding Gel for all Akzentz lines. X-Bond is designed to work with, and extend wear on even your most troublesome clients.

Luxio Base (Medium base/bonding gel in polish bottle) A bonding/base gel with the ability to float on to level out the nail.

Luxio Build (Thick builder gel in a bottle for gel overlays) Best for gel overlay or to add strength and level out the nail. *NOT a bonding gel - must use X-Bond or Luxio Base on the natural nail as your bonding layer prior to Build.

PLEASE NOTE: Akzentz products are intended for use by trained and/or certified nail professionals ONLY and are not for at-home or DIY use. By purchasing this product you acknowledge you are a professional nail technician. Akzentz products are sold exclusively through professional nail distributors like Envy Nail Bar and AkzentzMidwest.